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Farm-to-Fork-to-Farm is an organic food waste recycling program jointly developed by the Lodi-Tokay and Galt Rotary clubs to support the reduction and reuse of food waste for farming and landscaping purposes.  This program also supports education and leadership skill development of Interact clubs sponsored by both Rotary groups.  Funded by District 5220, the program is the first Rotary project launched in the Lodi area to specifically address the new focus on environment.

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GREAT Program

Lodi Tokay Rotary President Bill Meehleis (2010-11) congratulates a Lawrence elementary school student for graduating from the Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) Program offered through the Lodi Police Department. The program reaches out to at-risk youth who may be lured into joining a gang.  The Lodi-Tokay Rotary Club supported the program with T-shirts and awards for these young people. 

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