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Rotary Create Hope

Help us create lasting change

Rotary is an organization of over 33,000 local clubs serving their communities around the world. Rotarians are leaders in their vocation, profession and community. We meet weekly to discuss improving the lives of people, both locally and globally. We need and encourage diversity of membership in order to be more effective in this task. The Rotary motto is “Service Above Self”. The Lodi Tokay Rotary chapter was founded in 1977 as the 100th club to join Rotary. Through the years, Lodi Tokay Rotary has been at the forefront of community service in Lodi and beyond, with a past and present membership list reading like a “Who’s Who” in San Joaquin' County's history. Mayors, city council members, CEOs, and presidents have all been a part of Lodi Tokay Rotary.

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World Polio Day
Lodi Arch

Helping Shape The Future of Lodi

Collaborating with community leaders, government officials and charities to impact Lodi for generations to come.


No challenge is too big for the Lodi Tokay Rotary!

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